• 2024 Raffles Institution, Theatre Studies & Drama Room

    At Raffles Institution, the Theatre Studies & Drama Room has recently undergone an upgrade to its lighting system. The transition involved replacing conventional fixtures with LED lights, including 10nos. ETC S4WRD PARNel and 8nos. ColorSource Spot Jr 25-50 deg zoom fixtures. The old dimmer packs and patch panels have been replaced with 3nos. SRS 12 x 16A switch packs, all mounted on an equipment rack. This upgrade eliminates the necessity of using patch cables, resulting in a setup that is notably cleaner and more organized. Additionally, we introduced a ColorSource 20 console to enhance control and flexibility.

  • 2023 Crest Secondary School, Theatrette

    Crest Secondary School has undergone a remarkable transformation to its school hall into a theatrette, elevating the overall visual. The brand new LED stage lighting features ADMC RGBW wall washers, PARs moving heads, Antari haze machine and ETC ColorSource Console 20AV, thereby empowering students to expand the possibilities for innovative and visually engaging performances.

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  • 2023 Tzu Chi Singapore, Jing Si Hall

    Tzu Chi Singapore, Jing Si Hall, has enhanced its ambiance through the upgrading of its stage lighting system. 8 pcs of ETC Source Four 19 deg Profile Spot with S4WRD Gallery retrofit kit and 12 pcs ETC S4WRD Gallery PARNels. These LED lights were specifically chosen for its warm colour temperature of 3200K and high CRI for creating a serene ambiance suitable for the sacred space. SRS Switch pack and DMX Splitter were also added as parts of its infrastructure in this upgrade.

  • 2022 LASALLE, College of The Arts, SIA Theatre

    A total of 4 sets of ETC Prodigy Flypipe and a QuickTouch Controller were installed to replace part of its motorised flybar system at Lasalle SIA Theatre. The ETC Prodigy Flypipe were selected for its high safety standards and sleek looking pipe design, directly addressing Lasalle’s priority for a safer workplace.

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  • 2021 BCA Academy, Auditorium

    As the demand for Live Streaming and Broadcasting activities increases, BCA Academy has upgraded their Auditorium lighting system to keep up with the present needs.
    Quartzcolor X-series LED Studio Fresnel Spotlights and TGL Lukas LED Soft Panels with variable CCT were installed. For a user-friendly and ease of use for the lighting system, an ETC ColorSource Console and EchoTouch with a set of pre-programmed light setting was installed as part of the system.

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  • 2021 Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple, Sheng Hong Theatre

    AVLite is grateful to have the opportunity to provide our Theatrical Track & Draperies Systems for the newly built Sheng Hong Theatre located at Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple.
    Provided system includes the Hall Stage Motorized Track, J&C Joel main curtains, dress legs and blackout masking drapes for the LED wall.

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  • 2021 Convention Centre, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

    Located at the centre of Ngee Ann Polytechnic campus, the Convention Centre act as a significant venue of countless memorable events for their students.
    Our scope is a full replacement to their existing draperies on stage and all entrances into the hall with specially requested curtains colour.

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  • 2020 Blk K, Sound Stage at ITE College Central

    ITE College Central’s 350m2 Sound Stage is a 8.5m height soundproof facility equipped with scene sets, green-screen and cyclorama to provide authentic hands-on training and learning opportunities for students in the Higher Nitec in Filmmaking (Cinematography) course for the Singapore Film Industry.
    AVLite have installed 12sets of IFF ACTA 20 linear lift hoists distributed equally in the Sound Stage and also introduced a purpose-built mobile rack which housed the hybrid dimmers, circuit-breakers, DMX splitter and lighting console for the lighting bars.

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  • 2020 Multi-Cam Studio for Nitec in Video Production at ITE College Central

    The new multi-cam studio located at ITE College Central is the first 4K studio in ITE having full LED studio lighting fixtures with adjustable colour temperature and RGB cyclorama fixtures. The fixtures involved were selected and specified by the ITE lecturers and these includes the QUARTZCOLOR X-series Plus LED Fresnel, TGL LED panel lights and ETC ColorSource CYC cyclorama lights. AVLite is extremely honored to be involved in the integration of the studio with state-of-the-art equipments and we believe the students will be benefiting most from this!

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  • 2019 Singapore American School, Auditorium

    A total of 45 nos. of Chroma-Q Inspire RGBW LED fixtures were installed, with the furthest throw distance of 10m from the catwalk. A 24-channel ETC Unison Paradigm dimmer rack, along with 12 nos. of Heritage button stations and 2 nos. of 7” Paradigm touchscreen had also been installed. With the flexibility of ETC Paradigm architectural control system, we are able to fulfill the client’s new concept of lighting up the Auditorium.

  • Studio: 2019 Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Film & Media Studies, TV 1 & 2

    AVLite has successfully upgraded the studio lighting and dimming system at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Film & Media Studies, TV 1 & 2.
    The upgrade includes switching out all the conventional tungsten halogen fixtures to LED lightings and upgrading the ETC dimmer rack from the 2nd generation CEM+ to the 3rd generation CEM3. The dimmer modules in the Sensor racks were replaced with relay modules.

  • Studio: 2019 Home Team Academy, Recording Studio

    The original conventional studio lighting system has given its way to LED studio lighting system, reducing the carbon footprint. The LED lightings installed were of variable CCT and the productions can now be carried out either in Daylight CCT or the warmer Tungsten CCT. RGBW CYC lights were installed to replace the previous fluorescent soft CYC lights, utilising them to create interesting backdrop lighting effects in their production.

  • Studio: 2019 Singapore Institute of Technology, Gener8 Media Studio

    Situated within Singapore Institute of Technology’s library, the Media Studio is a very compact, yet multi-purpose TV studio. The studio lighting system is specially designed to cover all corners of the TV studio. The U-shaped backdrop curtain system allow the user to have their main set for interview, talk show, etc. While the pulley-operated paper background system allow a smaller 1-person shot.

  • Places of Worship: 2018 Jurong Seventh-Day Adventist Church

    AVLite is very appreciative to have the opportunity to upgrade the stage lighting system for the church located at Jurong Seventh-Day Adventist Church.
    With this upgrade, the church is now exploring into livelier colour-changing effects incorporated into their productions!

  • Studio : 2018 One Take Studios @ 200 Pandan Gardens

    A privately owned multi-purpose studio located at the west coast district of Singapore. The studio which was specially designed for different usage, had an ideal ceiling height of 6m. IFF trackable aluminium lighting rails concept were introduced to the clients considering its simplicity, durability & versatility.

  • Studio : 2018 People’s Association, Multimedia Studio

    Located at People’s Association, an existing storage room was converted into a compact multimedia studio, meant for video productions, voice-over recordings, photography & more! Having a limited ceiling height of about 3m, a fixed lighting pipegrid was installed. With careful planning with the designer, we have taken all possibilities to gain as much height to the grid as we can.

  • 2017 Changi Airport Terminal 4

    AVLite is extremely proud to be involved in the Lighting System for the Bird Sculptures in Changi Airport Terminal 4.
    The 3D-wire bird sculptures were lit up by 8 nos. ETC Source Four Series 2 LED Tungsten HD and 3 nos. ERCO LED Projectors.
    The artwork lighting was meticulously programmed by Mr Lionel Bessieres with its gradual changing effects from early morning all the way to midnight, bringing the sculptures to life!

  • Broadcast : 2016 Mediacorp (News)

    AVLite is very proud to have the opportunity to be involved in Turnkey Studio Lighting Solution for MediaCorp News Studios and varies newsroom in their new campus. Broadcast quality Energy-saving lighting fixtures were finally implemented across all studios & newsroom! The news studios were installed with Cosmolight Brivido fluorescent softlight, QuartzColor X-Series Fresnel Spotlights & ETC ColorSource Par for some interesting Color Effects.

  • Theatre :

    2016 MediaCorp MES Theatre

    AVLite is very proud to be involved in the Theatrical lighting, dimming and control systems at the New Mediacorp MES Theatre at 1 Stars Avenue.
    The theatre is fully equipped with ETC Sensor 3 Thrupower dimming system, ETC Unison Paradigm Architectural Control System and ETC EOS Titanium lighting console. AVLite also supplied more than 400 nos. of lighting fixtures to this new theatre.

  • Studio :

    2015 Temasek Poly MOI Studio

    We are very proud to be involved in the Design and Installation of the Turnkey studio lighting system for MOI Studio located in School of Design at Temasek Polytechnic. AVLite has provided 48 nos. of LED fixtures, consisted of Quartzcolor X-series LED Fresnels, ETC Source Four LED CYC and groundrow, ETC Desire LED Wash fixtures.

  • Studio :

    2015 Nanyang Poly Media Studio

    AVLite has successfully implemented a Turnkey studio lighting solution for the new Media Studio located at Blk D1 of Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Business Management. This studio has further equip their students with even more opportunities to broaden their production skills!

  • Studio :

    2015 Global TV

    Located in the heart of Jakarta, Indonesia. AVLite has successfully supplied and commissioned the studio rigging and draperies for 4 new TV studios at Global TV. A total of 138 sets of self-climbing hoists and scenery hoists were involved in 2 of the bigger production studios.

  • Studio :

    2011 Production Studio Myawady

    AVLite is extremely honoured to complete our first production studio in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar. The Myawady TV studio involved 46 sets of IFF self-climbing hoists, 3 sets of 96-way ETC Sensor+ dimmer racks, ETC ION lighting console, along with full range of studio lighting fixtures. Beside this production studio, AVLite also installed the News studio and the Production Theatre.

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